Day 89 of 100 Days of Loving Men

Day 89 of Loving Men

Being present to habits that alienate men

A father from a parenting site that promotes Gentle Parenting recently spoke up about the pattern of ‘parenting’ pages that alienate fathers and speak primarily to mothers.
He made note of the frequent bashing of fathers on these sites that claimed gentle parenting. Sharing his frustration he corrected a meme that was aimed at mothers and shifted it
to be aimed at parents expressing wish for inclusion to share his point about including all parents.

Nothing wrong with anything aimed singularly at either parent, however, I saw the point in this particular sharing that was expressing the alienation of fathers/men in such parenting pages.

This habit of casual bashing of fathers on such sites is habit of alienating men and putting men down. I’ve also had this experience and let go of reading from those pages. After all,
how can I be open to listening to parental tips from a site that is degrading fathers?

It made me present to question, what other social habits are in the world that casually alienate men? It’s a good question for me to look at myself to see if there are any habits that I have that do the same.outer_space_planets_earth_men_fantasy_art_artwork__by_matipatloko-d8mc2mv


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