Love Mask

Love Mask

Most invisible
Slight of hand shaming
Blaming, pointing
Love Mask slides onto bridge of nose

Hide defiant
Call me treacherous
Mask bright as sun
Ring of flowers
Serenades poetry

Perfectly coifed personae
Never slip in public eye
After all, masks don’t bend
I’m here behind your curtain call
My flesh with your boot print
Your rainbow gloves around my throat

You sing so loud to drown screams of your shadow
My hair enrages fear of your own wildness
My body makes you so nervous you have to come
Instead of love

As I stand to loosen the grip of your mask on my voice
As I speak from tremor to soul treble
As I remove gag from my mouth which labels me ‘Negative’ for being ALIVE and rapes my authenticity
I will genuflect no more

Because you see…
Your mask is dust
And it was never love
Love that only swims up to the ankle in warm weather
Is not love but a narcissistic illusion
A noose used to try to hang the deep sea diver

Your pity party of ‘me me me’

Not anymore.
I’m so sick of bondage
It’s just so goddamn boring
I reject your silencing mechanism
Your bratty 2 year old tantrum
The fingers in your ears
Your eye rolls as I fully self express

You give me your back
Your eyes only focus when my body is bared
When you need a place
A place you can’t allow inside of yourself
So you keep thinking you’ll find it inside of me
And I lose when I don’t reflect what you wish to see

When I speak
When my heart calls
When I celebrate all my being
In my innocence
In my soul
In my body
I am smacked
By your Love Mask

The mask is ugly
But you will never know
Until you actually look in the mirror
And be the love it takes to take it off

#doyoureallylove #loveandlightlie #avoidance #silencing #loveisdeeper #shallow #unconsciosness #shadow #beinghuman #consciousness #blindspots #yesallwomen #yesallmen #yesallpeople #unity #awareness #disconnect #community #refresh #fullselfexpression #freethebody #hereiam


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