Dressed in faith
I dance with hope
The song of possibility reminds me
In this moment
In me
I choose
Joy of centuries past
Centuries to be
Joy here
In me
In my aliveness
My eyes flash
What is there to do but begin at the beginning of now

I’m no scholar
I’m not perfect
I am nothing
I travel through myself in sheets of air
I dare my norm and embrace it’s being
In my breath is ease
Drums of every tribe
Dances from every human before me

Their tears, laughter, celebration, heart fire, every exhale of content and arrival
Every connect, ever fiber of hair in the wind of their ecstacy
Racing each other across the fields just to feel their feet in the air
Human flight

Rumble of exclamation tumbling down the hills, landed on each other in breathless glee
Dances of me
My own step to add to the choreography of life
Even a fumble is a dance step
From the most extraordinary mistakes come inspiration
Beautiful messy art composed of free choice

From my first ancestor I recieve their legacy
Legacy of joy, faith, possibility life, togetherness
As I squint in the sun, just like they did
I welcome the warmth just like I choose to
My home is open
I choose love because I choose love



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