‘Sexy’ being used as the platform of seduction to aspire to something does nothing for me. ‘Save the planet, it’s sexy’, ‘be yourself it’s sexy’, ‘buy this product, you’ll be sexy’. Seriously? I spent most of my life on the platform of being sexy, I’m so bored with it. Nothing wrong with sexy, it has its fun and beauty just seeing it used as the ultimate does not feed me.

How about, ‘Explore your being, hear your soul speak’, or ‘Be present with Earth, it’s alive, it’s a part of you, keeps you alive let’s care for it in return’, or honest sales ‘buy this product it has little effect on your life overall most likely but you’ll enjoy it for awhile’ lol Come on, stop feeding me ‘sexy’ as the ultimate, it’s not. I spent a long time striving for and living in ‘sexy’ and it fed me nothing.

‘Look at me I’m sexy’ doesn’t do shit for me anymore. The use of the term sexy has become one dimensional. Sexy as a part of full self expression, sure, as a compass- nope! My compass is my heart, aliveness, my joy.

‘Look at my soul, I’m shining, breathless in my being, see the art of my body, here’s my heart open in my eyes’ now THAT, that’s got my full attention 🙂

Aliveness! Inspire my aliveness and my heart and I will listen, not necessarily agree haha but I will listen!

I’m ready for a new and ancient expression of ultimate. You.









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  1. BiDude says:

    The word “sexy” often does not mean anything, anymore. Originally, the meaning of the word “sexy” pretty much necessarily implied that for a woman to be “sexy” it required that, basically, your looks had to be such that they could make a normal, heterosexual male’s cock hard. Nowadays, though, the word “sexy” has been applied to so many things that it seems to be meaningless, at least in most cases.

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