There is a powerful thunderstorm
Thunder booms as I enter being
In this I connect with who I am
In the sweetness of being
Knowing I am spirit

Rain pours freely from grey sky
I hear the rush of water meeting pavement
See the trees engorged in feast
In my beingness giving voice, view to spirit
Learning, remembering, seeing my emotions

Feeling the adventure of them
Prompting presence
Pain body awake being with it with spirit
Watching with spirit
Spirit knows how to listen
How to support each emotion
Like holding a child learning to swim

Fear shows up
Spirit guides it’s transmutation through heart & throat chakra
I sing
My fear shows up wishing to express
In being
In spirit
It is given expression in wordless song

Which touches my heart
Returns to core
Gives expression to pain body
Which opens to release to me it’s gold
My gold
My joy and aliveness
My togetherness
My wholeness

Elixir recognition of chaos is life
Feels like watching stars at night
As they race each other across sky
I feel nature alive in my body

My body, my mind, my spirit, my is
Are aligning
Discovering each other
Greeting each other
There is a celebration of home coming
Within me
Tantra awakens



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