When I look at history as belonging to separate groups I can forget the reality it all belonged to one ‘group’- human. There is no separation in history, everyone was effected. This is our past as people and I have a choice on how to be so that I get to see past with compassion. It is painful to look back and own it all, and in being with this pain I get to create it completes with me it does not get to keep spilling into a new cycle of hurt. In this I am free to be here in the life of now acknowledging my power to create each moment how I show up effecting me, effecting conversation, effecting creation, being human. I say how that looks beyond my personal past, my human past, I choose.

We all have the same ancestors- people. Everything else is justified separation based on compared pain when really, it was all our pain, all our joy, all our fear. We’re here. As a species we’ve survived. Survival is good, important and has looked many times ugly as hell. Being opens to portal of beyond survival into life itself. I claim the pain of our ancestors as one pain not separate from me by skin tone or different types of human-looking. In this ownership I do not divide. I claim the joy of all history without divide. I am every fear. I am persecutor, I am persecuted, they are my ancestors. I’m all of it and none of it. From here I be.FB_IMG_1436116937838


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