Every dance of pain has it’s innocence

Reckless rabid abandon

My footsteps burned ground

Hover do not land

Branches aflame can not be landed on

Yes from No

Play pretend

Stay away

Just close enough to scar me

It was mine

I never said you could have it

There was no invitation

Then it was missing

I lived this missing



Child photograph


Play re-casted

Ignoring blade to soul

Dress up pretty

Eyeliner perfect

Make sure hair looks just right



Now you’re ready for cannibal feast.

Never mind

Eyes on lights, glitter

Music pulses salvation in den of despair

Find reflection under liquid


Dance of the dead

Make sure you dance it right little girl

Or there will be no safety for you tonight

Show me

No, the way I said to.

Get over it


Why do you care?

You can create all you want as long as it fits my meal

I don’t need you

Just your body

You can leave if you like, here I’ll show you the door

Welcome to the party.

What could I know of what I never knew could be

I find myself deeply aware

Of what was never there

Breathing in my breath

Shivering in my skin


I am novice.

Touching my being with softest touch

Catching tears in rainbow class cups

Captured by pool alchemy of being

Love has whispered


Stood looked me in the eyes

I could not meet gaze

Now she speaks in me

Travelling length through aching throat

From parched lips

Soul filled


Replies fervent yes from most hidden part of me


From within


Heard from song of hearts

Held precious in a love that transcends every human facade

Treasured in arms that hold me true

Caresses my soul

Comet kiss Beloved

Whispering names of stars in my palm

Face touched by brilliant lights

Souls of kin sparkle way

Stepping into what was missing

Finding it was always there

Fresh eyes

Call me to now

The world shatters around me once more

Every perception rocketed deep into earth

Geyser returned spilling

Drenching torrential

This is what free looks like


I’m here

I am the space between droplets of rainstorm


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