Feminists and MRA’s: The real question

I have spent much time contemplating if, how the Feminist movement and the Men’s Right’s movement would, could work together. I’m getting its not necessary nor unnecessary. Whatever is, is.

I was asked what I thought each movement could do different. I answered and then thought. That’s not the real question is it?

The question isn’t what feminists can do differently nor what MRA’s can do differently. The question is, can you love them?


One thought on “Feminists and MRA’s: The real question

  1. Shepard of Peace says:

    We must tolerate differences and love each other anyways, we must. We still have to stand for what we believe, just can’t hate. The first one who gets angry looses, and that’s really true, and that’s how we have to play it, because that’s how each of us will learn.

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