Day 83 of 100 Days of Loving Men

Day 83 of Loving Men

Confront an inner wall

We all have walls, it’s part of the human experience. Each time we face one, become aware of one it’s amazing how life changing it is.

For instance, I have a wall of not being able to see playfulness unless it’s with those I’m very close with. I get defensive, which is based on fear. Fear of being made fun of or fear of being challenged. I take others playfulness as arrogance or mockery. That’s my wall.

Now that I’m aware, I can take a moment and stop and be still when someone is being playful. Even if their humor is not one I’m used to, take a moment to be playful and see their innocence.

That’s just an example. A wall can be anything. Usually a wall is what keeps us from relating intimately with those around us. Facing an inner wall supports those new relationships as well as those relationships close to us. Including freeing up the relationship with your partner as well.


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