Mother’s Day is you

You came into my life

The Angel I called for

Holding you in my womb

The life of you stirred in me

Energized my movement

Little footprint from inside

Moved me to awe

Trial of birthing worth every moment

when in my arms you were placed

Tears flowed freely looking at the miracle of you

I knew instinctively the ferocity of motherly protection

Power of love you opened me to

I could tear apart mountains to keep you safe

Watching your eyes open

your little head lifted up to look around

God, that first sweet half smile from the corner of your tiny mouth

First giggle was like sweet fire lightening through my body

I laughed with such gusto

Tiny hands learning to play peek-a-boo

The absolute thrill of you learning to control your blanket to see me, or not

Mobility you became

Crawl, fall, stand, run

and fall some more

Holding my breath trying not to show fear as you explored

Fevers, projectile diaper explosion, ear aches, sleepless nights

All an honor to have been able to experience and be the one that gets you through

On this Mother’s Day it’s you I thank my little star

I would not be  mom without you

Mommy loves you little Belle

Now and forever


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