Cause effect

Effect cause

It’s all nonsense anyway

I want to meet how with why

But the road is blocked by minds eye

Self expressed means nothingness

Waiting for my own caress

Am I enough? Is God enough?

Does my road continue into garden?

Or is it all meaning?

Is my laughter true? Or just a ruse I give myself to pretend it’s OK as I burn my breath another day?

Joy and pretend, what the hell is the difference?

Joy so fleeting, pain runs too, fear leaps far away, all that’s left is me and You.

They are all emotions, joy included.

I can get high on each

Beautiful but all a temporary walk to nothing.

My self express is nothing.

This is aliveness.

*I feel like I finally just threw away all of my stuffed animals with this realization today. So freeing. There is only being. God. Yes.*


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