Diving deep into the sensuality of me

Sinking into my own folds

Letting go of know

Regressed to progress

Letting go of the mess to embrace is

In my nothingness I have it all: nothing

Only from here can I begin to see

All that wasn’t kept from me

Embracing water like the fish

There is nothing

Simply my being

Simply and royally my freedom

Melted into grace

I praise

I have arrived to the undestined

The always


Here is infinity







I am liquid


4 thoughts on “Deep

  1. Beautiful. I have been stressed all day today and I read this and felt calm. I especially liked the lines:

    I have arrived to the undestined

    The always


    Here is infinity

    It spoke to me what I needed to hear, that now is all we have. Now is then and when and it is the only thing that is real always. I don’t know if that is what you meant to convey but I love when each individual can take a part of writings and make them a part of themselves. I have read a few of your posts and usually never post (anxiety) but I had to show some appreciation for this one because it grabbed my focus away from the chaos for a moment. Thanks for sharing this.

    • It brings happiness to hear this, I’m honored to be a part of such
      experience for you. And yes, now is exactly what I was conveying. It is existence in moment. Much love to you, you are the calmness you experienced.

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