Tumble into Joy

Come with me hold my hand

I’ll follow your laughter down the hall of leaves

Branches whispering embrace as we run beneath

Slipping out of grasp

Giving chase

Teasing, taunting, playful calling

Feet numb with race

Tumbling onto grass

Sharp cry of surprise as grass turns hill

Rolling unceremoniously down feet over head

Squealing laughter all the way down

Landing face first into sand

Barely able to lift body from fall the guffaw is so strong

Reaching each other just to collapse once more into soft beach

The warmth of you lulls my thoughts into one sense

Tender connect through breath and sight

My cheeks flush being seen with such love to the core of my being

I bite my lip

With mischievous leap towards ocean my love calls

Soft waves sighing behind him

I laugh and join the swim

My sloppy doggy paddle erupts me in giggles

His beautiful smile as he maneuvers ocean dismantles my ago

He winks before disappearing beneath surface

With glee I fill my cheeks like a blowfish puffed with air

Excitedly dive under

I can see his shimmer

I swim the opposite direction bubbles about

Trying not to laugh away all of my air at once

He is effortlessly by my side

I laugh and forget I’m beneath water

His kiss gives me breath

We float, explore, swim deep to touch coral

Clown fish flit past our nose

Life dashes in schools, into shells below

Masters of the sea leave long shadows from above

The sand bed gets closer to surface

We lay between worlds

I smile giddy, relaxed

Sun blankets, warming

Soothed I sleep in the arms of love

I’ve tumbled into joy

Landed in your warmth

Safe in your heart I pulse

Deep in my core your music sounds



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