What is there to see in another if it’s not incocence? Without recognition of innocence there can be no listening.

There will always be judgment, I will always judge, that is human. What happens next is my choice.

When I choose to see innocence in other, I see innocence in me. I feel the difference in my body, in my being. It feels like acceptance. It is freedom.

This is a very difficult practice for me still, some times more intense than others and I love it. I love the feeling of when I’m able to see. It takes more of the war out of me.

Sometimes it helps me to remember we were all little kids at one time. We’re still those little kids, having tantrums and wanting to play.

What helps you see innoncence in self and other?Hugging For Peacemulticultural-620x349childrensmiling-e1309492641176


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