Gift of the temper tantrum

Gift of the temper tantrum

I don’t like being uncomfortable. I’m confronted by it and often try to control it by making it look like something else. But, I’ve found ways of enjoying my discomfort. I give myself permission to completely not like being uncomfortable and further more, I allow myself a temper tantrum.

I do it as I’m getting my bag ready to go to the gym. I grumble the whole damn time while I prepare my bag, and on my way out the door especially when I don’t want to go out the damn door. Damn it.

In allowing this expression I do not keep myself from action. I also focus on the results, and how happy I’ll be after its over that I kept my commitment to myself. Keeping commitments to myself is important to cultivating my self trust. My gym temper tantrum is one of my favorite ones that allows me to take action.

Do you allow yourself a temper tantrum? If so, when is your favorite time to have one?


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