Music. When I listen I get lost in the sound, thoughtless. Or, I become the sound envision myself performing, or on adventure. Music moves me into dance. Then there are times when I see it. I see the music come alive with characters, stories.

These come over me and move me, they start as their own vision, then I get to play with the world and create. An entire story unfolds in a matter of minutes and I’m left thinking of a way it needs to be expressed. Paint, poem, performance. Music cracks my stoic and I pour story.

How does music move you?

Crave-Tribe-Carnival-2015-Costumes70e796081ad6abb5fd6a0d5de4e259c3Tahitian Dance Festivalafrican_belly_dancerIMG_49632195c20dba717dacb628f94c8d3aff6b


One thought on “Music

  1. I like metal and listen to it alot. It’s brash, loud and unapologetic. Banging your head along to a song is a great way to vent your stress, spend excess energy and just let the world melt away in a guitar riff.

    Listening to metal, going to concerts one of the few times in life when I feel completely free of everything.

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