Day 80 of 100 Days of Loving Men

Day 80 of Loving Men

Focus on the results

I hate exercising. I just freakin do. BUT, I like the results so I continue, I just recognize that I don’t have to like it. I give myself the space to have a temper tantrum all the way to the gym and growl my way to my damn yoga mat at home.

Though in the moment I’m convinced the purpose of the video trainers I watch is solely to see how much torture they can inflict and legally get away with, something happens in the workout. I actually start to enjoy myself.

The pain sucks but there is something amazing happening so I start to enjoy it. The burn of the workout, I start to look forward to it because I know that it is transforming my body with each agonizing moment. And after it’s all done, I feel damn good!

This can be applied to transforming life itself. There will be moments that will be confronting. One will NOT like these moments at all and try to avoid them but the reality is, it leaves things unprocessed and makes no movement towards a healthy life.

Just like it sucks to hear the video trainer tell me to pulse after intense crunches, ‘Now pulse!’ (grumble, grumble), it sucks to go that extra mile into self realization to reach the thick of what needs to be worked on. But guess what? That’s where the results are.

If I take time to ‘pulse’ and go the extra mile to slow down in my communication with the person before me, the results will be a healthy body of community. I’m game! Are you?


One thought on “Day 80 of 100 Days of Loving Men

  1. Shepard of Peace says:

    My exercise is walking, its not much I know. Since I’ve had my operation though I might look into yoga, it supposed to be really be good for you.
    I’ve quit smoking, alcohol, coffee, became a vegetarian, I should be able to do yoga.

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