Day 76 of 100 Days of Loving Men

Day 76 of Loving Men

Listening without judgment

This is quite the exercise I am currently practicing. How to listen without judgment. I have not mastered this and I’m assuming this will take a life time of practice, and I’m excited to do it!

One can choose how to listen. It’s usually that one is not listening but waiting for the person to stop speaking so one can interject own thought. I find myself doing this. Listening with impatience until the conversation can get back to me.

But what if, just what if, I would take the time to slow down and enjoy what the person was saying?

What if when he spoke I could just ease into and relax and hear without judgment, without reaction, and listen without judgment. Just create a space of listening.

A space of nothingness for which the person could empty what they needed to. Release whatever they have been holding onto. A space of clearing. There is nothing more valuable than the offering of nothing.


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