Day 75 of 100 Days of Loving Men

Remove gender and see the individual before you

Each sex has their own unique needs, and yes it takes specific honoring of these differences. United we may stand, and never the same. Within each gender there are unique perspectives, of course. We are all individuals.

What’s interesting is to see if beyond gender, one can see the person before them. Man, woman, transgender, yes. And, can one take a moment to look into the core of the person and remember inherent unity?

When you look at a man, do you feel the connection of who he is as an individual? Or is the story of him as a man, connected with past relating/experiences become bigger than the individual?

Is the individual before you seen by you? Or are they pushed into a mass of gender?

I choose to see the individual before me. I acknowledge and recognize their gender as a part of who they are, a part of their uniqueness. And, I continue to see them, I don’t stop looking there. Gender is one part of a person.

Who is this person before me? What do they need? Can I listen to them as a being before me instead of my past with them? Instead of my expectations of them? Instead of bulking this person in a gender and standing stubbornly in my stories to make them wrong and my self right?

Can I listen this individual that is speaking with me as an individual I am experiencing now? Or is my attachment to my stories more important than the human being before me? Can I care about the individual before me? Can I care about what this person needs or what they wish to share with me? How about the love they would like to share with me? Surely them taking the time to express to me is a form of love, can I receive that? Or is bulking them in my stories of ‘gender mass’ more important than receiving them?

It’s interesting how one can choose to receive the individual. The power of choice.


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