I am a stand for Love.

I am a stand for Love. In this stand I am a Human Rights Advocate. That is gender and age inclusive. Men, women, transgender, children, adult, elders, all humans.

I am a stand for bodily autonomy. Every person deserves this right. Every person.

I see the value in the Sustainability discussion. We have one planet and it is very much alive and deserves proper care as every living being, creature and animal deserves. It is our home, nurtures our existence and life, it’s important we do the same in return.

I’m also aware I can only treat others, my community, my environment and my planet the way I treat myself.

If I don’t care for myself, how can I care about anyone or anything else? And so, in my stand for love, I support self care and self love. Self love is vital.

I used to think that loving myself, really loving and accepting who I am meant I would have no space for loving anyone else. But that’s not true, it’s actually quite the opposite.

Loving myself, practicing self care, I get to tap into the limitlessness that is love and I get to have space for others the way I have space for myself. It’s still a practice, and it is one that I am committed to in my stand for Love.

Every person is powerful. We have the power of voice and choice.

The individual prioritizing self and recognizing the impact of self in community, beginning with family, supports realization of connectedness. Within and with each other. We are all connected, beginning with one-  self. And the beauty of it all is that there is nothing to change or do. Simply allowing now to be. Loving self exactly in the moment, right now. Acceptance of what is.

Unity begins within. We rise, we rise together.

I am a stand for Love


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