Anger is pure. It is an emotion, it’s own energy, life, passion.
When anger is from the mind it is war. When anger is in the body, it is passion, channels through self love and I feel it in my heart.

Anger is pure it is my Lioness, it is my Panther, it is my Dragon, it is my Primal Tribal being focused, senses heightened.

I have not mastered speaking my body yet, my mind still wants to filter. In filtering it would lose it’s precious pieces and stumble out of my mouth coal, chipped rock instead of liquid Soveirgnity. It wouldn’t be me, not really, just a bastardized version of my wholeness.

So I am silent.

I pour her onto the pages, be with her in music, lay with her in stillness or rage. I don’t deny my anger, I allow my anger to feel loved, embraced, give it space to be fully invited. My anger is honored as an intimate conversation within myself.

Sometimes the best self love and self care with anger is silence. I listen as it is not the final journey, but the first page. Calls my attention to what must be heard within me. Most often a call to let go, surrender and self care.

How do you listen your anger?


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