Heart Opening

Nudging against hard stone
Peaking slowly through jagged crack
Seedling peered daring journey toward sun
Soil enriching with each unfold

Peel through softening shell
Shedding encasing
Raindrops chasing
Through chasm to quench unknown thirst

Unfurling poking through soil
Reaching air finally
Light blaring filling delicious
Adding another flavor to life existence

Proud of accomplish
Seed embraces plant
Begins to sprout verdant arms

Warm Wind appears
In being
Enchants unique blossom
Gentle breath inspires movement
Roots strengthen as the plant feels the surety of it’s own stem

Trusting self resolve
Tasting healthy soil
Sipping sunlight
Enjoying be
Tango with Wind

Never return to seedling beneath cracks
Realization of freedom brings celebration of is

Rooted and closer to the sun it grows.


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