Without my experiences and without my darkness I would not be whole. It’s beautiful too, shows me where I can give love to myself, where I can be healthy, it is a good road map, and with love and health as compass the journey is one of wholeness and acceptance. Journey of receiving the love of my being.

Is there a part of you that you are afraid to embrace? A part of your shadow or ‘dark side’ that is calling for love and acknowledgment?


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  1. I have lot of things screamed at me about what I should “want”, how I should be. I’m terrified that my propensity for solitude will hinder me n some way. I don’t clamor to be with friends or a lover all the time. I like being with my friends, but I don’t suffer for lack of company or a relationship. I’m just as happy being alone and I’m scared that I’m squandering some kind of opportunity in my life by not clamoring to achieve the things I’m told I should want (marriage, spouse, career etc.).

    BTW, I’ve been digging around the MRA and FeMRA for the past few months. I found both a degree of indirect acceptance and condemnation, if that makes any sense. No one’s talking to me directly, but broad statements include groups I belong to or don’t but apparently should – the fat, the academic, the sexually inexperienced, the family oriented, or not, the career-oriented, etc. With you and your space, I’ve found I can just kind of…be. I just wanted to thank you for making this a slightly less scary place and having such a warm presence.

    • Thank you so much that is a great compliment.

      As for ‘shoulds’ they are just an avoidance of living authentically. It sounds like you’re very happy with life. Nevermind the ‘shoulds’ enjoy.

      Also, I’m no longer an MRA or part of any movement or label to be clear.

      ~Enjoy being 😊

  2. I know, it’s just your name still tends to come up a lot. But I really appreciate your shunning of labels. It’s a brave thing to do because it’s so easy to reach for labels when someone’s asks you who you are.

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