Adam Lodestone from ‘Maya Day Sign Interpretations’

A good friend of mine Adam Lodestone shared this with me and it touched me to share:

“…the word “wanton”, which has ~ as one of its definitions: “shameless”…. YES!! To be free in one’s desire, lust, passion and be *shameless* is to return to purity, innocence, and clarity… the body is then a sacred vehicle and an instrument of something quite beautiful… to me, lust in and of itself does not equate abuse or exploitation, though it does for many people… passionate hunger, erotic hunger, rampant desire… can be HOLY… the lust of the mystic may be a driving passion of the soul and not the body… though it will often also consume the body like those flames, to submit to the Divine, just as much as if one were submitting to a human lover…. oh… those flames are from a fire that does not burn nor consume…

“whore” is not a word anyone tends to associate with men… thanks to the threads that wandered out of the tapestry of the Old Testament… “whore of Babylon”, etc… But i think that we need to get away from attaching the word to the definition of “promiscuous” and “corrupt”…

if men could relate to the word as relevant to their own desire… lust, hunger… it might become something powerful…. no… EMPOWERING… again. i think that at one time, it MUST have meant something VERY different than what we’ve transformed it into.”

You can read more from Adam and his partner Andi Lodestone on these two wonderful pages. The first is daily Mayan Day Sign Interpretations which are incredibly accurate. And the second one is their delicious page filled with amazing mouth watering recipes that finally inspired me to tackle cooking lamb.


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