Tantra is a rose petal that tickles my heart
It’s sweet gentle fragrance glowing
I sink into the lush pink couch of it
Hugged by it’s surroundings
Made safe by it’s tender embrace
Lulled into relax by it’s dove song melody
It awakens pleasant
Memories of enjoy swiftly arrive
And the now kisses them a delicate egress as it calls attention

It’s the oil paint left over on my finger tips
The laughter
The tear of joy
The moment of pleasant surprise

Tantra is the river bend in my dream
The breath collecting in me
My self love manifest in body care
The morsel I invite to nourish me
The reminder of self trust

To me it is the will to wake to the Spring inside my very core
And invite summer to my voice
Tantra is my ever reminder that God body connects me to the source in me and in this the source in each


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