Update on 100 Days of Loving Men and ‘The Silenced Half’

Hello! As most of you know I’m writing the book ‘Loving and Celebrating Men’. I have a deadline of the end of April to complete my book proposal and deadline of Sept. to complete the book. I’m also going to be writing a column for an online magazine I’ll be sharing more on that soon.

This means lots and lots of research, writing and reading, which I genuinely love so I’m on cloud 9 right now! It also means I need to kick everything up a notch to make deadlines.

I have fallen behind on the ‘100 Days of Loving Men’ but will restart tomorrow night and do my best to keep it weekly. Thank you all for being patient and continuing to read.

Meanwhile for those who wish to catch up or if this is the first time seeing ‘100 Days of Loving Men’ [which was previously titled 100 Days of How to Treat Men Right] here is the note which includes every day up to now:


I needed to put ‘The Silenced Half’ on the shelf

indefinitely but offered it to someone I trust to take up the mantle if he was interested. He said yes, so the video is still a go and in good hands, just no longer mine.

The great thing is it’s written by a man and the people leading it are men so they will have the insight that I never could in creating that. I’ll share more on who is now creating ‘The Silenced Half’ in a video soon.

Thanks for reading!



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