Yours truly in this months issue of GQ.

This month’s GQ is out with an article on the Men’s Rights Movement. I am also among the quoted and photographed. I’m no longer a part of the movement. I left the movement a few months ago because I dropped all labels and am complete with all movements.

I left the movement, not the people.

I am still very much a stand for men’s rights as a part of human rights.


Do not be discouraged by hit pieces. They still bring the communication forward. The focus is in bringing the discussion of men’s human rights to a wider audience and each piece does that. Each piece regardless of how displayed brings questions. Brings another possibility for people to choose from. Ultimately it is bringing knowledge to more people so that they can decipher what is true for them.

There are those in the article that are made the focus, however, the real focus is men being brought into the universal discussion of human rights and men receiving human rights.

As it stands, in the US we -and rightfully so- do not have FGM [female genital mutilation] which is wonderful. However, baby boys do not have that option. It is dismissed under the name ‘circumcision’.

We, the US, funds every year MGM [male genital mutilation] while we fight FGM. All genital mutilation must cease. For all genders.

WHO- World Health Organization pushes male genital mutilation under the misguidance that it reduces HIV spread by 60%:

However this has repeatedly been debunked by doctors:

This is just one of the many men’s rights topics that will bring more curious ears thanks to the article in GQ.

So, no matter what, please take try and see it as a win in the discussion moving forward.

Many things have been at first displayed in a certain light before they were received as factual. There is nothing more factual than men deserving human rights.

Everyone, regardless of label or gender deserves to feel safe, loved and have their human rights honored.

We rise, we rise together.


4 thoughts on “Yours truly in this months issue of GQ.

  1. Shepard of Peace says:

    I’m sorry it so long to respond, I had to read the article first.

    These things need to be talked about. I’ve never admitted this before. But the reason I tried to commit suicide was because I was accused of and treated as if I was a child molester. I have never done any such thing, nor could I do any such thing and it hurt so bad to be accused of such a thing, it destroys you.

    Luckily for me, the girls involved both stated in a statement that I had not molested them. It was their mothers who made the accusation. But does it matter that I am found innocent. All the many friends I once had now think I’m a child molester. My own son even thought so, but said he loved me anyways. I’m glad he loves me, I’m lucky to have a son who loves me and I hope he does not have to go through what I have.

    • I am so very sorry for what you went through. That is intense. I can’t imagine the pain of such a false accusation. I’m glad you have the love of your son. Please remember your life is so precious. I’m glad you are with us. This world has horrors but there is much beauty even in a simple moment because it holds life itself. In the now there is magnificence, because there is existence. Much love to you.

  2. Shepard of Peace says:

    Thanks, I had to share that. One of the reasons I like you so much is because I could tell you this. We live in a crazy world where two things go on at the same time. Sexual liberation and sexual criminalization. A person can be easily trapped. There are people who feel real guilty about sex and those are the ones who want it the most. They will tempt you and tease you and if you respond in anyway, then it is you who are the evil one while they self righteously condemn and accuse. It was five years ago. Even at 55 I’m still somewhat of a handsome man and not afraid of my sexuality. Woman who are like me would be called a slut and men like me are called pervs. But I would never, ever, force myself on any one or even trick anyone by even offering false promises. I believe in freedom, but I do have morals. If old friends hadn’t had enough faith in me to believe otherwise, rumors spread by jealous women, so be it. Time to find new ones.

    Thanks for listening – Blessed Be.

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