Shoulders heavy with matter
Skies bold with deliverance
Breast first into the fire

Face still in focus
Sweet cupcake delicious
Writhing in passion
Racing through wild mutated grass
Screaming for release
Demanding voice
Met with resistance to hierarchy
Who is seen first?
Who can ride together into here

Heart drags across ground
Carcass pulling itself dropping putrid organs
Some burst
Others devoured by the sand
Red painted nails pick up each with bucket
Humming Ancient hymn
She sits by petite trickling waterfall
Toes tickled as minnows meet
In her palm she devours each piece,
All but one which she places in her silk pocket,
Delicately slurping remains off each finger
Bliss moans from her

When she is done she grabs dropped body
It takes time, rigor mortis is a bitch to carry
Finally, she disturbs school to pull corpse into clear water
Waist deep she holds dead under water until it sinks
From her bleeding pocket she extracts and holds between palms
Eyes glaze with soul touched machina
And it begins.

The earth shakes as a crack is torn through reality
Ripping a dimension into the now
Her toes stay grounded into lake floor
Pushing energy through soles to stay
The heart begins to glow in her hand
Shifts into pristine orb with a clarity that parts the Heavens and commands recompence
A voice can be heard in the swift descend
Lightening tunnel portals light being as it falls
Wings tearing singe
Howl piercing it’s new world
Vibrant agony
Entity of human meets it’s body below the water

It’s opens it’s eyes confused
Looking up the world seems very soft through liquid screen
Swiftly orb is shoved into underwater being
With a force that shocks
Body leaps from water holding onto hand which delivered onto it

She grabs shifting Carcass as it holds onto her hand
Kisses torn mouth
Wretching organs refreshed back into appropriate body
Like a mother bird feeding it’s young

It gasps, coughs
Heaves and cries out
Flesh sewing itself
Body complete
It shivers naked in the warm water
Lost in awe watching minnow

She picks up her bucket,
it swings gently by her side,
Hums her Ancient hymn
Tears clink gently against each other
Jeweled from eye to cheek
Strolls barefoot across mutated grass
Until the Alchemy of her magic is called for again


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