I am in tears. Cytherea, Adult Star, was the victim of sexual assault by 3 criminals in her home while her husband was abused and held at gun point. Her children were in the home when this robbery/assault occurred.

Mercedes Carrera, Adult Star, made a video making a plea for help to support Cytherea and her family during this time.

Mercedes is an intelligent, creative, woman who stands in the face of hate with her heart wide open. I am in awe of her and she inspires me every day.

In a world where the whore is treated as insignificant, or deserving of any and all abuse, she stands fearless and strong. She created a charity called ‘The Porn Charity’ after a charity refused to take her money because she’s a Sex Worker. Right, gotta watch out for that dirty whore money, huh?

With ‘The Porn Charity’ Mercedes does Live cam shows where all of the proceeds go to helping out individuals of need. She helps real women and others regardless of gender.

She is yes, very beautiful but even more so is her blaring heart. Even after being attacked continuously she stands to support individuals regardless.

I am sharing her video and had some things to say myself about this.

To the feminists and SJW’s who say they stand for women’s rights, I have a dare for you. I dare you to share the link to support Cytherea through what she’s been through. She even made a thank you video to her supporters. And watching her share her gratitude even after such an experience, her courage and strength moved me.

It doesn’t have to be money to share support, but please share the link or if you can write her a letter that can give her the strength and support to get through this:

c/o Rebecca Love
PO Box 400005
Las Vegas, NV 89140

Words of love and support are powerful healing gifts.

Here is the link, video coming up in a few:



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