50 Shades of Grey: Fantasy vs Reality

The difference between fantasy and reality is grave.

For instance, let’s say someone has a fantasy of being rescued by a fireman and then having sex in the firetruck. The fantasy may seem hot for the person, but they wouldn’t actually want the reality of it. It would be extremely embarassing to have sex in a firetruck on the way to another fire I’d imagine, not to mention cramped.

This issue is when a fantasy is taken as a way to live reality. It can be with extreme moderation with safety as priority. Example buying a fireman outfit and roleplaying. But when those who watch these movies and read these books do not take responsibility for their safety and health, that’s when there is an issue.

Reading ’50 Shades of Grey’ and thinking one knows BDSM and is ready to leap into it is like reading George R. R. Martin and feeling one is ready to own a wolf.

A romance novel cannot be taken as fact, it is a fantasy created.

As I stated, modification of a fantasy with safety as priority, can yield pleasing results.

Those who go to a runway show, the show is extravagant and rarely would anyone be able to wear what is actually on the runway in many cases. The runway is where Fashion Designers just let go and express. Those who purchase the clothing often buy extremely modified versions for practical reasons.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a book. That’s great, it’s what books are for, to each their own. It’s up to the reader to make the distinction between fact and fiction.

BDSM is a beautiful world when approached SLOWLY and safely. Do feel free to ask me any questions, as most of you already know I’ve been a Dom for over 13 years.

I will be posting my BDSM Safety video which is great for beginners and those who need a refresher.

Much love, enjoy, play and please stay SAFE!



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