Bounding through new worlds
Dimension skipping
Pooling know with how and what’s coming
Delving into past remember
Paving way through virgin jungles

Barren maps lead to edge
Leaping through weaving new paths
Compass soul
Boredom dispelled
Excitement with each breath
Gown of adventure train silky parades behind each step

Wind of wonder impregnates sails
Rushing towards beginning
Awe and discovery feeds being
Riches of spice, tender morsels of exotic, glaze of surprise

Multiverse yawns
From toe to Source
From wake to slumber
Worlds, Universes, experiences sought and relished
Senses sharpened
Fear trumped by what if

Brazen pilgrimage
Free from wanderlust
Aim in aware
Blanketed in seek
Caressed by dawns blooming in the unknown


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