For me writing is Tantric
The pulse from my root
Hopping it’s way up each colorful portal
Blooming in my chest, throat, middle eye
Pouring through and out my skull hat
The leaps are sudden at times
Leaving me with a slender gasp
The mechanism of me moans
The child in me leaps bright eyed
Crone whispers in my ear
Dimensions beckon and I travel
Into the is
My being explored
My soul in words
Birthing an existence, universe, ripple
At times agonizing
At times pleasure
At times neither
Opening to me
Every part of my body listening
Releasing hold to surrender
Being spilled onto page
I sit and enter worlds
Then come back to tell the story
When it is complete
I rest, unplug, savor, celebrate
Until it is time to open to the write again


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