Swim with me

Come with me little girl

I’ll show you where this Mermaid’s been

Bring you deep to the ocean floor

Safe with me

It will not be gentle this journey

Nor did you expect it to be

But oh the wonders you will see!

I’ll show you how my tail works

There are fish here you will see

Sharks, electric eels, poisonous ocean dwellers

Clown fish, blue fish all will meet you

Beautiful fish and coral beyond your dreams!

Here’s what to remember as we swim by

We are all in the ocean together

We are all here at once

The shark, the eel, the clown

They are all the same.

You will find mermaids

Half human, half fish.

Their magnificence will shimmer through the sea

A banner of sparkle reflecting the sun

We are all a part of this majickal space

You will find the shark as clown

The clown as shark

The eel as friend

The poison as ink

The coral as seat

You create this journey little girl

You create your experience as you wish

No one has power to make you fear this journey

You just swim with me

Hold my tail if you like

Hold it close to your heart

I will bring us to the ocean floor

And there you will meet God.


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