I do not fear the Dragon

I’m not afraid of the Dragon

The mouse does not scare me

The snake is silly

I do not fear the grass, the blade, the cold nor storm

I do not.

I continue to soar

For there is not one part of me that I fear.


4 thoughts on “I do not fear the Dragon

  1. Kristal, I wondered if you have read “A Wizard of Earthsea”?

    Taken from the Wikipedia page:
    Ged casts a powerful spell which goes awry. A rip in the fabric of the world opens to the realm of the dead, and a shadow creature passes through, attacking Ged and scarring his face.
    After hearing of Ged’s experiences, Ogion advises him to confront the shadow creature.
    They ultimately reach a dark shore and Ged confronts the shadow. They embrace and merge, with Ged and Vetch realizing that the shadow was part of Ged’s spirit, and that Ged could only reunite with it by understanding it as part of himself.

    In confronting the shadow of his death Ged gains power over it and makes it a part of himself.

    The idea seemed very akin to you are expressing.

    I enjoy your writings. You may have left titles behind but Priestess was well suited.


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