Delicate strength

Tender heart

I see your love every day

One on one,

As we walk by,


The ‘small’ gestures done with heart in hand

Massive creations birthed to protect, guide, nurture, secure existence, secure future

I see what you do, have done all in love

I also see who you be, how you be

How you look to the sky in awe and wonder

How you look so small under grove of stars and yet so grand, connected

In being the wilderness humbled to you

The beasts bent their knee to your being

Nature saw itself in you and became kindred

You have given me offering

Kept me safe

Bridged my exploration

Fed my knowledge

Trusted my strength

Honored my ignorance with your patience

Placed safety at my feet

Your hand at my step to keep me from falling

I see the love in the way you look at me

Your concern when I am hurt or upset

The gentleness of your hand

Loving firmness of assurance when I have slipped and forgotten mine

Your joy in my joy

Your fulfillment in my happiness

Your laughter riding mine with eyes bright

Body radiating joy, love, playfulness

You have bowed to me in many ways every day

I recognize and see it

And now it is I who bows to you

I recognize in gratitude what you’ve done and what you do

I honor the gentle of your being, the power of your action

Revel in your play and mischief

Honored to drink from your wisdom

Humbled by your heart

The touch of your innocence

As you speak I will listen

I will take care of my words knowing the pulse of your heart is tender as mine

I will stand by your side and lift the weight to balance all you carry

Cup your needs in my hands treat them as delicate as petals,

My turn now to assure safe step in your passage

You that are man have bowed to me in every offering

Now I bow to you

And as we both rise, we will do so united.


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