Day 71 of 100 Days of Loving Men

Savor him.

With the hustle and bustle of life, when was the last time you took to slow down and savor the man in your life?  I mean really savor him.

Taking the time to just observe him with love. The beautiful things he does and says, how much love he sends your way in the details of what he does. The ‘little’ things in his actions are really not so little at all, they are love infused.  By savoring him it will support seeing the ‘small’ gestures are big parts of how he shares his love. The nuances in his communication a beautiful part of him, his own unique way of expressing, of addressing you in particular. The music he loves, they way he is playful with you, silly with you, gentle and open with you, really receive it. It’s a warm feeling to fully savor the man you love.

He may notice you noticing him and may stop and look at you funny and ask just what you’re doing. Just let him know, you’re savoring him. Not many men are used to being savored nor fully seen. It may actually feel uncomfortable for some men to receive such adoration. Be gentle with him, be loving with him with whatever comes present for him as he sees you receive him. This is a good time for a gentle touch, physical reassurance he is safe and loved if he’s comfortable with it. Be gentle and honor his boundaries.

For some men this is new, for some men this may be new from you, from other men they will be able to relax into it with you and some may not notice you savoring. All of this is beautiful, each one is fine, don’t make it mean anything. Let go of expectations of any set response, just be in the love and savor him.

He’s beautiful isn’t he?

He sure is. Savor him.


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