#Gamergate, #Notyourshield, Sex workers, MRAs, Feminists

As I shared I have let go of labels and movements. I am here, a stand for people coming forward, uniting in their voice. I support men’s human rights needs, women’s, transgender, genderfluid/all genders, Gamergate, Notyourshield and all people who are a stand for integrity, human connection and love.

What’s amazing about Not your shield is people coming together of all ethnicities dispelling segregation. No one gets pushed out of the human discussion.

Gamergate has shown that people of all political backgrounds can unite for a common goal. MRAs, Feminists, Egalitarians, Humanists, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Liberals and so on, have come together in Gamergate in a peaceful stand , a call for integrity. It’s been great to see.

I’ve seen Feminist sex workers begin to stand up to SJWs and say ‘no more’ to being treated as less than and told to be silent in matters that concern them. Sex workers are uniting regardless of political background.

This is all great and gives me hope moving forward seeing more of such issues where people unite as a stand for healthy human expression and healthy human community.

I’m seeing more Feminists stand up to Feminists who support separation, CH Sommers style, and this is good to see, I hope this continues.

The goal for any of this is to ultimately stand united. I know many of you are going through it as you stand and I commend you for the work you do. Reminding you that it’s not a far fetched dream, uniting. Nor does that, nor will it, need to look as every single person adoring each other on this planet. People do not need to like each other to work together, however, we do need to respect each other and that is not always an easy space to enter. I know, it’s something I work with myself, frequently.

#Gamergate a stand for integrity, #Notyourshield a stand for unity in the face of segregation, Sex workers a stand for healthy sexuality, MRAs sparking balance in society with awareness of men’s human rights needs, Feminists poking an internal revolution- this is all incredible and only supports moving forward into healthy human community.

I see the power in it all and it’s beautiful. We’re coming into some amazing times shedding the old and daring to create new. Powerful.

We rise, we rise together.


2 thoughts on “#Gamergate, #Notyourshield, Sex workers, MRAs, Feminists

  1. BiDude says:

    Hmmm…interesting development in the evolution of Kristal Garcia. It’s difficult to know what to think about it. On one hand, it is encouraging to see you break with The Men’s Rights Movement. I think that Men’s Rights Advocates tend to be right on the money with some things, but I think that they tend to be wrong about other things. That being said, however, one thing that I think that they tend to be right on the money with is the notion that feminism is evil and should be abolished. It is troubling to see you saying good things about feminists. Feminists can’t really become good until they leave the feminist movement. It’s also troubling to see you giving the impression that something is wrong with labels. Labels are important and necessary. If you have not yet found a label that fits you, then it is appropriate to not label yourself, but you should not cut off the possibility that you might find a label that suits you, in the future. There is nothing wrong with labels if they are accurate. Well, I hope that this new journey that you are embarking on turns out well for you.

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