Completing with movements, titles, activist titles

I’m clear I’m complete with movements, titles, activist titles. I’m doing another show with Honey Badger Radio then completing with full support. I will continue to support awareness of men’s needs in society with Loving and Celebrating Men, 100 Days, UN Men petition and more.

There’s nothing wrong, it’s where I am.


One thought on “Completing with movements, titles, activist titles

  1. Kristal, I’m sad to see you go from the Honey Badgers, even if you no longer want to identify as an MRA—I myself have hesitated to self-identify as MRA, MGTOW, etc. instead just wanting to state that I find commonality with these ideologies without necessarily always categorizing myself as being IN them per se—but either way, much respect to you for speaking the truth and being true to yourself. It’s really sad to see you go, you were the best Honey Badger, in my opinion. I guess the brightest stars always burn the briefest. :,(

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