Why do I write ‘100 Days of How to Treat Men Right’?

Ooh it’s been quite the whirlwind of busy! As you all know I’m researching for my book ‘Loving and Celebrating Men’, I’ve shared a link to the page as well. I will be resuming writing ‘100 Days of How to Treat Men Right’ and it will be available every Friday night until the 100th Day is complete.

Thank you for your patience!

Also, I’ve received feedback including some asking what my FB page’The Return of Femininity’ is about and asking why am I  writing 100 Days. Well, for a couple of reasons:

1) to support men and women reconnecting. In society we’ve been so focused on survival and systems were set in place to do so. This caused rifts between men and women and no I’m not saying ‘patriarchy’, I’m talking about survival systems to further humanity put in place from which both men and women suffered from however, men were blamed for this and women treated as victims of survival. The human history is filled with strife from which no human was exempt from. Of course, it was also filled with beauty that is unique to human creation.

2) to share my knowledge with women (and all those this resonates with) so that women can get information here that took me many, many, years to get to myself and many messes. If what I share can be seen and used as a shortcut, I’m happy to assist. Messes are beautiful too and they are quite the deep process. If one person gets an ‘aha!’ from what I write, awesome!

3) to support men being seen and received by women. We don’t have much in our society that supports women being open hearted with men, and we need to. I have been told I write this and I don’t care about women I just write about men because I only care about men. I do care about men, very much, and that does not negate my care for women. I created an entire page called ‘The Return of Femininity’ with intention of supporting women. And guess what? Women like to be with men and women interact with men, we are all on the same planet and if I can support this connectivity, great! That’s what I’m here for.

I know that in our society there is little support for women opening their hearts to men. For decades there have been extremely nasty books written about men that furthered the divide between men and women. There have been many writers shaming femininity and dare we women embrace this beautiful part of who we are, we must be weak? I don’t think so. Now, I’m in no way shaming women who do not identify with femininity, to each their own. For me I spent many years not able to connect with my femininity as if it meant weakness. I was a Stripper and when I dressed up I felt like a woman in drag as a woman. Ha! It was after some time I started to play with feminine attributes, and that is unique for each woman, how cool? Each woman knows what femininity looks like for her or if she doesn’t all the answers are within her, I can’t tell each woman what that means, however, I can guide and support the embrace of individual unique femininity.

I created the page ‘The Return of Femininity’ to support a sisterhood with no hierarchy, a strong basis of loving men and nurturing each other.

Much love,


Loving and Celebrating Men:


The Return of Femininity:



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