Day 61 of 100 Days of Loving Men

Receive the innocence of men.

Innately, with no effort at all, men are innocent. Men are people, of course, and yes every individual takes getting to know, etc. What I’m talking about is the innate nature of men is innocence. We live in a society that does not acknowledge this and that is a crime against men.

Do you recognize how many times a man places his innocence in your hands? Let’s slow down for a minute and think on this. Even the simple act of opening a door for you a man can face rejection, that is his innocence in your hands. When a man takes the time to come over and say hello, you don’t know what courage it may have taken for that man to do so, he just placed his innocence in your hands. For a man to be in relationship with you, that is very much him placing his innocence in your hands. When he says ‘I love you’, that is his innocence in your hands. Are you healthy enough to receive his innocence and honor his innocence?

Who are you when men place their innocence in your hands? How do you respond? Are you conscious? Or are you self righteous? That man who came over to say hello, how did you handle his innocence? Did you dismiss without acknowledgement? Or did you take the time to fully receive his innocence and say a sincere thank you while expressing your interest, or your interest in having a conversation if nothing else? What would it take to ask him to sit down and havea conversation with him and hear about his day after he took the risk of rejection to approach you? Daily there are men placing their innocence in your hands and society is so, that this innocence is not acknowledged and worse, spit on.

Nobody wants to hear ‘you’ve got work to do’, but you do. We all do. I am consistently in self reflect and that looks messy sometimes, but I keep at it. Why? I want to. When you work on yourself, you move into awareness. Move into awareness, your perspective shifts. You shift your perspective, your life shifts. Shift your life, keep opening your heart, you live the life you want. Live the life you want you inspire others into opening their hearts, expanding their awareness and living their authentic lives. Every moment is a chance to start fresh.

There’s a difference between talking about the heart and being in it. It may take practice, yes, but you have a lifetime, why not start now? It may come and go, it may come in moments but the more you practice, the more you let yourself be vulnerable, the more you will be able to feel past your old stories, break down walls of old stories you’ve had about men.

Men are innocent, criminals are guilty. When you are able to make that distinction you will be closer to healing. If you cannot fathom that sentence, you have much work to do. If you cannot see the innocence of men, there is a hole that needs fixing. There is pain to be addressed that is being projected onto all men. Do your work.

Men are innocent, but it’s you that needs to do the work to see it. Not they who have to do the work to prove it.


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