Day 59 of 100 Days of Loving Men

Be Sensual.

On Day 12 I wrote about being sexy, sensuality goes deeper than just being sexy. Being sexy is very good, being sensual is a feeling that touches your core. Being sensual is deep connection with your own body, your self enjoyment and absolute receptivity to your sensual self. In this you open up to the sensuality of life itself. Feeling the breeze on your skin as a sensual dance.

When you are sensual you will approach your partner as sensuality and receptivity. In your interaction with him- remember him. He is the man you fell in love with. Feel your inner fire throughout your body and you will be able to share this with your lover/partner in the simplest touch or action or word. When you let yourself savor your own sensuality you will be able to share it with ease.

Sensual as you walk out in the world too, receiving the richness of life around you the beauty of people around you, the beauty of men around you.

When you are aware with your sensual self, drunk with your own sensuality, go to your partner and share your sensuality with him. Show him you remember who he is to you, his heart, his being, him. Man and woman lost in each other, savoring sensuality.


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