Day 53 of 100 Days of Loving Men

Day 53 of 100 Days of advice on how to treat men right in relationship and daily interactions with men.

Recognize you are responsible for your own safety as a woman and as an individual.

This is not something that seems to be highly conveyed. Goes along with self care and yet beyond. Men seem to be very clear they are responsible for their own safety. And yet, I’ve met many women who do not hold this as a truth. The women I have met that understand this tend to be more careful with themselves by being fully aware of how they as a person must learn how to keep themselves safe.

Women who do not recognize they are responsible for their own safety will always demand that men create this for her in every situation whether it’s logical or not. For instance, when girls or women have hurt feelings, it is projected as men’s fault for not saving women from feeling anything other than happy thoughts.

She will then blame men when ANYTHING bad happens to her because she believes it’s not her responsibility to keep herself safe. Therefore, not giving men the space to feel safe because there is no space for men to be vulnerable[key point I mentioned in Day 51 and I’m sure I will address again, as it is vital to create understanding] when they are supposed to be responsible for your every action and foresee any threat that may come up for you. Not only is this impossible but this is a tremendous demand and weight to put on men.

Safety efforts need to be seen as healthy community member learning to stay as safe as possible from criminals. Not possible when there is a hysteria of women viewing all men as criminals. This stems from inability to feel safe and to take responsibility of your safety as a woman. Concerned for your safety? Welcome to Earth. Take your safety into your own hands and take a martial arts class if you are that concerned. Criminals come in all genders and you’d be remiss to pretend otherwise.

You are not owed catered safety simply for being born a woman. You do not deserve safety more than a man does so that he must put himself in harms way to ensure your entire life is not as unsafe as his. Take into your hands the responsibility of your safety. As long as the scales remain unbalanced and men are required to constantly do your part for you, men are left without their safety being valued and you are left living the life of an infant.

This does not move us forward into creating safer community when half the community refuses to do their part in creating safety; their own safety.

You want to be safe? Make it happen. You want to be a part of a safer community? First, take responsibility for your own THEN figure out how you are going to co-create safety in society. Contribute.


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