Day 52 of 100 Days of Loving Men

Day 52 of 100 Days of advice on how to treat men right in relationship and daily interactions with men.

Put down the list and open your heart. Men are not a list written to please you, they are people to be loved.

The list. The dreaded long list of demands of what a man must encompass before you even look at him, is egotistical and reeks of supremacy. It’s still something that is passed down to girls today. Enough. We are teaching girls, budding women and supporting full grown women to believe they have the right to demand men fit their fantasy with no allowance for men to be human.

I’m sure you’ve seen a pattern here that this is a major issue in our society the recognition of men as human and it pains me every time I need to write those words to create clarity. However, I will write those words as many times as needed until those who resist it, GET it.

This self absorbed list includes ridiculous pin pointed descriptions of how men should act in certain situations, that men can only feel a certain way that never pushes you to feel something other than what you want to feel in the moment. Here’s the thing, you’re going to feel emotions, you’re a human being, emotions are a beautiful part of being human. And relationships are the combination of 2 [or more for the poly] people, two worlds combining. That is definitely going to be emotional and that is healthy.

These lists are just more ways for women to focus on controlling men.

There is nothing wrong with knowing the kind of relationship you want and having a vision of what the relationship looks like, IF you are adding yourself to the contribution equation. If you are seeing that you want to co-create a healthy, sexy, honest relationship you must see that YOU are part of that co-creation. Instead of a list of how you want to micromanage men in your life- focus on love. Open your heart to the love you want to share. That is what the focal point needs to be. Start creating a vision of what YOU are going to bring to co-create healthy relationship. Then, let go and open your heart and see the man before you. Move forward side by side, experience and receive him in his authenticity THEN create the truth of what you two together looks like with his equal input.

Otherwise, you are living a controlled delusion with no hear connect and no receptivity to embracing men. You will forever be unfulfilled with only your list to accompany you.Doesn’t sound so fun now, does it?


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