Day 51 of 100 Days of Loving Men

Day 51 of 100 Days of advice on how to treat men right in relationship and daily interactions with men.

When you recognize yourself as a woman as strong, you will then know compassion for men.

When women are callous towards men it shows their own lack of recognition of their own strength as a woman. If you feel strong as a woman, if you acknowledge your inner power you can receive that you have the balance of vulnerable and strength. You can then see that men too have both strength and vulnerability. But if you live the lie that you are nothing, you will always see the lie that men are infallible instead of seeing them as people. This warped reality that men exist to be your hero keeps you from seeing men as your fellow human beings.

At first I believed feminism promoted men as not being vulnerable. But then I recognized that was not true. Feminists DO see men as vulnerable but they use those vulnerabilities to hurt men BECAUSE they do not see women as strong. Women seen as strong can only have compassion for the vulnerabilities of men. However, feminists see women as weak therefore support women take advantage of men’s vulnerabilities and abusing them.

Men do have vulnerabilities and need to feel safe, supported, loved and have the space to just be. If you’re not understanding what I’m saying, would you understand if I put he word ‘women’ where the word ‘men’ is placed? If so, keep reading. My goal is to get you where you can fully receive what is being said here without needing to do that.

Women who see their own strength, know compassion for men.


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