Day 49 of 100 Days of Loving Men

Day 49 of 100 of advice on How to Treat Men right in relationship and daily interactions with men.

Be a stand for healthy speak about men:

If you’re a woman gathering in a group with other women and the conversation turns misandric, do your part in being a stand for healthy talk about men. It’s not cute or funny to shame men.

If you cannot have a conversation in a group of women without it going into a downward spiral into talking crap about men, then be the difference in that group of women. You don’t have to verbally grab them by the hair to get your point across. By not laughing at their misandric ‘jokes’ you create the stand that you will not give space to such shaming. You can then bring them conscious to the conversation.

Let them know to be present to whatever their upset is instead of blaming men for their upset. Show them the power in saying ‘I’m pissed off’ or ‘I’m sad’ instead of downward spiraling into a hate mantra against men. It is cruel and abusive for said women to hold men accountable for their own personal emotional process. It’s not funny to spew misandric nonsense to hide from doing the work of owning what is going on for them and what they need to personally face. It’s not funny and it’s not powerful.

Guide them away from projecting onto men and show them how that’s a hurtful mask. It hurts men and perpetuates the action that misandry should be taken casually as well as accepted. Misandry empowers no one, not men of course and not women; speaking hatefully about an entire gender shows disempowerment.

Show these women how to create empowered conversation when together including about men. If an upset comes up around men guide it back to them recognizing what is present within themselves instead of projecting their upset onto men.

This will take work, you may find at least some form of resistance, or you may not depending on those you are around. Being a stand for healthy conversation about men will create the seed of healthy experience and shift how men are treated and even empower these women to see themselves and how they interact with men. You have the power to come forward and shift how men are being treated daily. Now, what are you going to do with it?


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