Day 39 of 100 Days of Loving Men

Day 39 of 100 Days of advice on how to treat men right in relationship and daily interactions with men.

#39 Be still and listen to the voice of men.

This is vital to the advice before on caring enough to take the time to understand men. We women are quite verbose. This may have to do with the fact that we need it for higher levels of oxytocin that’s like our own personal internal happy pill. [I’ve been watching a video by John Gray and though I don’t agree with all he says or how he presents it, there are facts he shares that make sense]

The key is, we can often dominate a conversation with our own excitement to talk. It may not even be conscious but we women often do it.

I’m sure you have much to say, however, there is a great exercise in fully being present and listening when a man talks. Not in ‘Can’t wait to respond’ way, but in a deep listening.

Next time you are around a group of men or with your partner or friend, try and stay conscious of whether you are actually listening.

This includes the written word. Reading what the men around you are writing whether it’s on Facebook or another social media or on activism sites. It’s vital to take in what men have to say. The next step will be comprehending. I will go into depth about that some more tomorrow. Comprehending often takes changing the filters from which we listen from. It takes work, but as I said in the advice before this: if you care, you will take the time to understand.


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