Day 37 of 100 Days of Loving Men

Day 37 of 100 Days of advice on how to treat men right in relationship and daily interactions with men.

#37 Compliment his body.

Men can also become insecure about their bodies, they are human after all, remember? Let him know how much you love his body and how it excites you. What can also be amazing is take an evening alone and take your time expressing how every par of him is beautiful and excites you and you appreciate. Men need body love too. You can even take time before hand and write what you want to say or you can take the time to kiss his entire body. Appreciation of his body is very important as well. Just like we enjoy appreciation of our bodies. He takes the time to tell you how beautiful you look, have you told him how handsome he is lately?




3 thoughts on “Day 37 of 100 Days of Loving Men

  1. Mel says:

    Excellent Kristal,

    I am enjoying your daily posts.

    Touch and quality time are my second equal ‘love languages’, therefore the actual touch is more nourishing and excellent ‘leverage’ in addition to the compliment eg. brushing my hair, massaging my head, hands, shoulders, feet; siting holding hands; natural caressing; hugs and cuddles, sitting on my knee, dancing (privately and publically), touching me when walking behind me ……… and even touching my leg under the table when out with friends having a meal together …..

    Love from


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