Day 29 of 100 Days of Loving Men

Day 29 of 100 Days on how to treat men right and lead with your heart in relationship and daily interactions with men.

#29 Know when to stop in an argument.

You know that last sentence that you knew should have stayed in your mouth? I’m sure you do. That last sentence that brought the argument from arbitrary to personal attack is a venomous one.

If he says, lets talk about this later, honor that. Put away your screaming howler monkey voice and zip the lip. It will save hurt feelings. You can’t take back what is said, no matter with how many times you say I’m sorry. Go scream into your pillow if you need to, but don’t give that rage to the one you love. Learn when to stop.


One thought on “Day 29 of 100 Days of Loving Men

  1. Nostradormouse says:

    It is probably a little bit crass to observe that you probably get more head than you know whatto do with, and I think this is completely as it should be.

    I just wonder how many people where are who can follow a program – any program for 29 days, much less 100.

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