Day 28 of 100 Days of Loving Men

Day 28 of 100 Days on how to treat men right and lead with your heart in relationship and daily interactions with men.

#28 Penis ‘jokes’ are not funny.

The amount of judgment placed on men’s bodies is astronomical. In the media there is the blatant mockery of a man’s penis size and people laughing as if that kind of shaming is funny. Let’s gender flip for a moment:

‘Wow, what a cavernous vagina that woman has! I mean woah! What do you think?’

‘Oh yeah that ugly thing was like a shriveled alien’
[audience laughter]

It’s not funny. We don’t shame each others genitals, we don’t shame each others bodies. Women have had genital shame but then the vagina monologues came out and there was this self acceptance that women had and continued support of body self acceptance which is great, and needs to also exist for men.

If someone were to say on a TV show they wanted to chop off a woman’s genitals that show would be shut down so fast it would cause whiplash. But on our own news stations as well as talk shows women talk about cutting off men’s genitals as funny. That is sick! Just sick!

Shaming men’s bodies is NOT funny, it’s disturbed. Why do that? It’s just a really sick thing to do.

Also, men who disagree with women are automatically shamed and penis shaming is used. How would you like it if you disagreed with a man at an outing and he said ‘Ohhh of course you disagree, let me guess, you have a cavernous vagina?’ and everyone laughed. That’s what happens with men. Be conscious.

Penis ‘jokes’ are not funny, they are shaming.


One thought on “Day 28 of 100 Days of Loving Men

  1. BiDude says:

    Thanks for posting this, Kristal. This is a good one. I think that this is one of those areas where it can be shown to be very difficult to believe that the feminist leadership does not see that they are acting in a manner that is NOT in line with equality of the sexes. I believe that it is is HIGHLY questionable, at best, that we have a significant problem with hatred of the female body in our society, even as feminists are constantly whining about it. Meanwhile, it is CLEAR that we DO have a problem with hatred of the male body, particularly cock and balls. Where is the feminist outrage about that? Nowhere to be found.

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