Women Celebrating Men: How KikiSpaghetti Celebrates Men

Along with 100 Days of Advice on How to Treat Men Right I will also be sharing how women celebrate men. Yes, that means YOU! So, like this lovely lady, please share with me how you celebrate men!


How KikiSpaghetti Celebrates Men:

“I personally celebrate men the way I celebrate all human beings; by being thankful for their individuals merits and quirks. I had many wonderful teachers who were men. A father who despite his flaws, instilled great values in me. My boyfriend (significant other, life hostage, whatever you prefer), a wonderful man whom I love very dearly and have for five and a half years who is a friend, love and companion and has aided me through many of life challenges. My stepfather, who despite a lack of blood between us, has shared many learning experiences, advice and fun. I have had friends who made me laugh and cry, who listened and spoke and joked with who were men. Each of them was their own person, just as the women in my life are. And as I would to anyone who has done me good, say a meaningful ‘Thank you’. Simple but powerful, just like a smile and ‘Hello’.”


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